Plastic Sign Holder LA21024 56mm PVC

The Plastic Sign Holder LA21024 is a durable PVC sign holder with a label height of 56mm. Designed for versatility, it offers customizable length, multiple color options, and various surface treatments. Ideal for displaying labels, advertisements, or pricing information in diverse settings.


Plastic Sign Holder LA21024 56mm PVC

Introducing the La-Plastic latest addition to their robust collection – the Plastic Sign Holder LA21024. Crafted with precision and meeting the top industry standards, this sign holder ensures you present your labels and advertisements in the most efficient and elegant manner possible. Its PVC construction guarantees durability, making it perfect for various applications.

Main Features

  1. Material: Made from high-quality PVC, promising longevity and resilience.
  2. Customizable Length: Tailored to meet unique demands, the length of this sign holder is flexible and can be customized as per specific requirements.
  3. Diverse Color Options: Caters to varying aesthetic preferences by offering a myriad of color choices.
  4. Production Method: Manufactured using the plastic extrusion process, ensuring uniformity and top-notch quality.
  5. Versatile Surface Treatments: Based on specific requirements, you can choose from a range of treatments such as spray painting, heat transfer, and silk screen printing

General Information

  • Brand: La-Plastic
  • Purpose: Ideal for label customization and displaying advertising or pricing information.

Plastic Sign Holder LA21024 56mm PVC size drawing


Specification Description
Product Name Plastic Sign Holder
Model LA21024
Material PVC
Label Height 56mm
Length Customizable based on requirement
Color Options Multiple choices available
Material Thickness Varies depending on model and requirements
Tensile Strength Depends on material and manufacturing process
Surface Treatment Customizable (e.g., painting, heat transfer)
Packaging Customized (e.g., individual or bulk packaging)
Operating Temperature Variable based on material and design


The Plastic Sign Holder LA21024 is versatile and finds its application in:

  • Retail stores for displaying price tags or promotional information.
  • Restaurants or cafes to showcase menu specials or offers.
  • Event venues or exhibitions to highlight essential information or directives.
  • Business premises for showcasing credentials, achievements, or other vital announcements.

Designed to cater to a range of requirements, the Plastic Sign Holder LA21024 by La-Plastic assures efficiency, style, and durability. Whether you’re a retailer, a restaurateur, or an event manager, this sign holder is bound to elevate the presentation of your essential information.


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