Plastic Sign Holder LA21029 63.5mm PVC

The Plastic Sign Holder LA21029 63.5mm PVC is a durable display solution crafted from premium PVC. It offers customizable lengths, a variety of colors, and adaptable material thickness. Ideal for showcasing labels, advertisements, or price details, this holder provides both versatility and elegance for varied applications.


Plastic Sign Holder LA21029 63.5mm PVC

Step into the realm of efficient signage solutions with the Plastic Sign Holder, model LA21029 by La-Plastic. Carefully crafted using premium PVC, this product promises durability and versatility, proving essential for those in need of high-quality label customization and advertisement displays.

Key Features

  1. Material Excellence: Made from top-grade PVC, ensuring a durable and robust display solution.
  2. Tailored Lengths: We cater to specific needs by offering lengths as per individual requirements.
  3. Colorful Choices: With a plethora of color options available, suit any décor or theme.
  4. Adaptable Thickness: Adjusted in accordance with product model and user requirements.
  5. Diverse Surface Treatments: Whether it’s spray painting, heat transfer, or screen printing, we adapt as per your branding needs.
  6. Customized Packaging: Choose from a range of packaging solutions, from individual wraps to bulk packaging.

General Information

Brand: La-Plastic
Purpose: Ideal for label customization and showcasing advertisement price information.

Plastic Sign Holder LA21029 63.5mm PVC size drawing


Specification Description
Product Name Plastic Sign Holder
Model Name LA21029
Material PVC
Tag Height 63.5mm
Length As per client requirements
Color Variants Multiple options available
Material Thickness Varies with model and requirements
Tensile Strength Dependent on material and manufacturing process
Manufacturing Plastic extrusion
Surface Treatment Customizable (e.g., spray paint, heat transfer, screen print)
Packaging Based on client preference (e.g., individual or bulk packing)
Operational Temp. Varies based on material and design


  • Retail Stores: Use the Plastic Sign Holder to display price tags, promotional information, or product details.
  • Exhibitions: Showcase brand or product details at stalls and booths.
  • Restaurants & Cafes: Exhibit menu items or special promotions for customers.
  • Offices: Organize workspace with labeled compartments or sections.
  • Event Venues: Highlight directions, schedule, or special announcements.

Embrace the seamless integration of form and function with the Plastic Sign Holder LA21029 63.5mm PVC by La-Plastic. Choose quality. Choose La-Plastic.


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