La-Plastic: Professional Plastic Solution Specialist
* A wide range of plastic technology capabilities
* One- stop design and development
* Competitive cost for the final products

Company Profile

La-Plastic has 10+ years experience in plastic industry, with wide range of production technologies that designed to help customers to customize their products. We have professional design teams that can provide drawing and design in the short time, and our production team can also support the whole production process for our customers’ need. Here are the services from La-Plastic.

Project Management

La-Plastic offers 24/7 comprehensive project management. We facilitate client needs throughout production. Our team collaborates internally and with clients for optimal part design, mold, and injection molding solutions, ensuring seamless customer-manufacturer interactions.

Abrasive polishing
Design & Prototypes

La-Plastic boasts an in-house tool room for mold development and maintenance. We utilize top-tier equipment such as CNC machines and software like CAD/CAM, CATIA, UG NX5, and IDEAS9 for design and adherence to client specifications. Our tool room integrates both traditional and modern equipment.

Grinding tool
Quality Assurance

We emphasize strict quality control from material sourcing to product delivery. Our procedures ensure stability and accuracy in production. We maintain low wastage, higher efficiency, and speedy deliveries, benefiting both us and our clients.

Production & Assemble

At La-Plastic, we prioritize client success. Our team, proficient across product categories, can produce complete items or components, with options for custom assembly, printing, and packaging. We guarantee attention to detail, cost-saving measures, and precision in all services.

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