Plastic Sign Holder LA21025 40mm PVC

The Plastic Sign Holder LA21025 40mm PVC is a durable and versatile display tool crafted from PVC. It offers customizable lengths and colors, making it ideal for showcasing labels, advertising prices, and other information. Tailored surface treatments further enhance its visual appeal.


Plastic Sign Holder LA21025 40mm PVC

Introducing the Plastic Sign Holder LA21025 40mm PVC by La-Plastic. In a world where presentation matters, it’s crucial to find reliable tools that make your information stand out. Our Plastic Sign Holder does precisely that.

The La-Plastic Sign Holder is crafted from quality PVC, designed for durability and flexibility. Whether you’re displaying label customizations or advertising price information, this product offers a sleek and professional look for a wide range of uses.

Main Features

  1. Versatility in Length: No one-size-fits-all here! We provide varying lengths to match specific requirements, ensuring your display looks just right.
  2. Color Variety: Offering a broad palette of colors, we give you the freedom to choose the one that aligns with your brand or message.
  3. Customized Surface Treatments: Whether you favor spray painting, heat transfer printing, or silk-screen printing, our product supports all these options.Tailor the surface to match the visual aesthetic you’re aiming for.

General Information

Brand: La-Plastic
Model: LA21025
Material: PVC

Plastic Sign Holder LA21025 40mm PVC size drawing


Specification Description
Product Name Plastic Sign Holder
Model Name LA21025
Material PVC
Label Height 40mm
Length Varies based on client needs
Color Options Multiple choices available
Material Thickness Varies depending on model and specific requirements
Tensile Strength Dependent on material and manufacturing process
Manufacturing Plastic extrusion
Surface Treatment Customizable (e.g., spray paint, heat transfer, silk printing)
Packaging Customizable (e.g., individual or bulk packaging)
Operating Temperature Range Varies based on material and design


The Plastic Sign Holder is suitable for:

  • Label Customization: Ensure your product labels are showcased professionally and elegantly.
  • Advertising: Display price details or promotional information to boost your sales and inform customers.

For businesses seeking a reliable, adaptable, and visually appealing sign holder solution, the La-Plastic Sign Holder LA21025 40mm PVC offers an unmatched blend of quality and flexibility. Choose La-Plastic and let your information shine.


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