Plastic Sign Holder LA21023 36mm PVC

The Plastic Sign Holder LA21023 36mm PVC is a durable and customizable sign holder made of high-quality PVC. Designed for versatility, it offers adjustable length, multiple color options, and is ideal for label customization, advertisements, and price displays.


Plastic Sign Holder LA21023 36mm PVC

In a world where product presentation significantly impacts the user experience, the La-Plastic Sign Holder LA21023 stands out. Crafted diligently with utmost precision and high-quality PVC, this sign holder is not just another plastic accessory. It’s a blend of durability, versatility, and style, all rolled into one.

Main Features

  1. Versatile Length: With its adaptable length, it can be tailored according to specific requirements, ensuring that no design or display need goes unmet.
  2. Diverse Color Options: Catering to a wide range of aesthetics, it provides an array of color choices. This enhances the overall visual appeal and allows it to seamlessly fit into any environment.
  3. Custom Surface Treatments: Depending on your needs, various surface treatments can be chosen, including but not limited to spray painting, heat transfer, and silk screen printing. This adds a touch of customization and elegance to the final display.
  4. Robust Construction: Built using the plastic extrusion technique, the holder promises durability and longevity, ensuring that your signs remain intact and vibrant.

General Information

Specification/Parameter Detailed Description
Product Name Plastic Sign Holder
Model Name LA21023
Material PVC
Label Height 36mm
Length Customizable
Color Options Multiple Choices
Material Thickness Variable
Tensile Strength Depends on Material & Manufacturing Process
Production Method Plastic Extrusion
Surface Treatment Customizable (e.g., spray painting, heat transfer, silk screen printing)
Application Label Customization, Advertisement, Price Display
Packaging Customizable (e.g., individual packaging, bulk packaging)
Operating Temperature Range Variable depending on material and design

Plastic Sign Holder LA21023 36mm PVC size drawing


  • Material: The prime ingredient is PVC, ensuring a sturdy yet flexible structure.
  • Label Height: Boasting a 36mm label height, it ensures optimal visibility.
  • Variable Material Thickness: Depending on the model and individual needs, the material thickness can be adjusted, offering a balance between durability and flexibility.

The La-Plastic Sign Holder is ideal for:

  1. Label Customization: Be it branding or information display, it caters seamlessly.
  2. Advertisement: Elevate the visibility of promotional content or product features.
  3. Price Display: Showcasing price tags in retail environments becomes hassle-free and aesthetic.

Make an informed choice and elevate your display game with the La-Plastic Sign Holder LA21023.


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