Data Strip LA21008 50mm PVC

The Data Strip LA21008 is a versatile PVC strip designed for labeling and advertising needs. It has a height of 50mm, offers customizable lengths and colors, and is ideal for displaying price information and custom labels. Various surface treatments enhance its adaptability to different settings.


Data Strip LA21008 50mm PVC

Introducing the latest from La-Plastic, the Data Strip LA21008 made from high-quality PVC. It’s designed to cater to your labeling and advertising needs. Whether you’re looking to display price information or craft a unique label, this product stands out in terms of versatility and durability.

Key Features

  • Versatile Use: Designed primarily for labeling customization and advertising price information.
  • Material Excellence: Made of PVC, it guarantees durability and resilience.
  • Adaptable Length: Provided in various lengths based on the specific requirements.
  • Vibrant Selection: Available in an array of colors to complement different design schemes.
  • Customizable Surface Finish: You can choose from options like spray painting, heat transfer printing, or silk-screen printing to tailor the data strip to your preferences.

General Information

Specifications/Parameters Detailed Description
Product Name Data Strip
Model Name LA21008
Material PVC
Label Height 50mm
Length Provided based on demand
Color Options Multiple choices available
Material Thickness Varies depending on model and requirement
Tensile Strength Subject to material and manufacturing process
Production Method Plastic extrusion
Surface Treatment Customizable (e.g., spray paint, heat transfer, silk-screen printing)
Purpose Label customization and advertising price information display
Packaging As per demand (e.g., individual or bulk packaging)
Operating Temperature Range Depends on material and design

Data Strip LA21008 50mm PVC size drawing


The Data Strip LA21008 promises not only versatility but also adaptability:

  • Material: The choice of PVC ensures that the strip is both lightweight and durable.
  • Length & Color: Whatever the requirement, whether in terms of length or color, this model offers multiple options to ensure the perfect fit for any setting.
  • Surface Treatment: Enhance its appearance and texture through various treatments like spray painting or silk-screen printing to make your labels stand out even more.


The Data Strip LA21008 is the go-to solution for:

  • Retailers looking to clearly and attractively display price information.
  • Businesses aiming to create custom labels for product differentiation.
  • Advertisers in need of a durable and customizable medium for their campaigns.
  • Event organizers wanting to showcase schedules, names, or any other vital information in an easily visible format.

In a world where presentation matters, La-Plastic‘s Data Strip LA21008 ensures that your message is not just seen, but remembered. Choose quality and adaptability. Choose La-Plastic.


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