Data strip LA21005 28mm PVC

The Data Strip LA21005 is a durable PVC strip designed for labeling and advertising price information display. It boasts a 28mm label height and offers customization in length, color, and surface treatment. Ideal for retail, warehouse, and office organization.


Data strip LA21005 28mm PVC

Introducing the Data Strip LA21005 – a premium-grade product from the renowned brand, La-Plastic. Crafted to meet diverse industry standards, this data strip is your solution to labeling customization and advertising price information display.

Key Features

  • Material Construction: Made from high-quality PVC, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Versatile Length Options: Customizable length to cater to specific client requirements.
  • Vivid Color Choices: Multiple color options available, enhancing visibility and aesthetic appeal.
  • Custom Surface Treatment: Options include spray painting, heat transfer, screen printing, and more, catering to a myriad of design preferences.
  • Manufacturing Process: Produced using the plastic extrusion technique, ensuring uniformity and precision.

General Information

  • Brand: La-Plastic
  • Product Name: Data Strip
  • Model Number: LA21005

Data strip LA21005 28mm PVC size drawing



Specification Description
Material PVC
Label Height 28mm
Length Varies based on demand
Color Options Multiple choices available
Material Thickness Varies with model and demand
Tensile Strength Depends on material and manufacturing process
Production Method Plastic Extrusion
Surface Treatment Customizable (e.g., spray paint, screen print)
Application Label customization, advertising price display
Packaging Options Customizable (e.g., individual or bulk packaging)
Operating Temperature Range Depends on material and design


The Data Strip LA21005 is not just another label holder. It serves a plethora of purposes:

  • Retail Spaces: Efficiently displays price details and other essential product information.
  • Warehouses: For organized categorization and swift inventory management.
  • Office Settings: Labeling cabinets, drawers, and shelves for better organization.
  • Event Spaces: For effective management of name badges and event details.

Harness the versatility of the Data Strip LA21005 for all your display and labeling needs. Trust in La-Plastic to deliver excellence, every time.


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